Monday, May 9, 2011

Multitasking isn't So Good

I just read an article that indicates that multi-tasking leads to poor self regulation. I am a big multitasker. When I'm feeling good mentally, I am passionate about many things and enjoy doing them all. I'll surf the net, start an art project, start a meditation (and get bored in 2 minutes) and knit. Plan dinner, take some photos, read a book.  It makes me feel scattered while I still like it. Things can become half-assed. I'm glad to read the science behind this. It makes mindfulness even more important.

Today I'm doing one thing at a time. I made a tablecloth from a curtain. I took some deep breaths. I'm going to do my morning pages, followed by a walking meditation where I am officially starting these weekly practices. Today I'm going to walk and work on inhabiting myself - inhabiting's that for a Therapy Boner?

I need a calmer mind even though I enjoy a chaotic mind of creative ideas. It's as though when I'm not depressed I have to fit in everything at once. I get so excited about life and worry that it will poof disappear overnight into somberness. What we want isn't always best for us though, is it? Have a lovely day, everyone. Print from The Wallaroo.

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